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Valtteri Bottas’ home circuit

Crowdfunding 12.5. – 11.8.2021

savING Valtteri Botta’s home circuit

Finland is famously a producer of fearless top level drivers. In addition to three F1 world champions Kimi Räikkönen, Mika Häkkinen and Keke Rosberg also Valtteri Bottas, Heikki Kovalainen, Mika Salo, JJ Lehto and Leo Kinnunen have proceeded to the highest class of F1. Almost everyone’s career has started with karting which has laid the foundation for a later motorsport career. Many F1 drivers still drive karting as a hobby and exercise. Now Finland’s Lahti region is threatened with the end of karting activities taking the driving place from over 10,000 enthusiasts nearby. Now you have the opportunity to save Valtteri Bottas’ home circuit and help to raise new motorsport stars by participating crowdfunding.

How Valtteri Bottas’ home circuit will be saved?

The continuation of the karting activities of the Pippo Motorsports Center in Lahti Finland, which began in 1980, is threatened by plans of building new southern ring road and by zoning the track area into business plots. The construction of the ring road has already taken away the depot area that was used for competition, and it has no longer been possible to organize competitions at the Finnish Championship, European Championship or World Championship level. An additional area has been leased from the City of Lahti to replace the lost area. However, the condition for the continuation of operations and the lease agreement for the area is the development of the area significantly from the current one also promoting tourism in the Lahti region.

As a result Lahti FK Ry has decided to develop the karting circuit as a stage for the World Championships that meets international regulations and to develop the area significantly. Motor sport center has been decided to name Valtteri Bottas Racepark according to Valtteri Bottas, the most famous driver who has started his career in Pippo karting circuit. The main aim is to maintain young people’s motorsport activities and raise the motorsport stars of the future. 

The purpose is to offer year-round karting driving and education activities in the area. During the winter season, driving activities would be continued with ice karting. There is plan to use environmental friendly electric karting cars. In addition, the goal is to provide driving simulators for training and recreational use. In the simulators you can get a very real driving feel for different track vehicles and real circuits.

In addition the purpose is to build a motorsport museum, with a changing exhibition from the vehicles of previous years, from formulas to rally cars. In addition to these there are plans to build meeting rooms and saunas. The area will also offer excellent activities for schools and youth associations.

Why crowdfunding campaign?

You can save Valtteri Bottas’ home circuit by participating in crowdfunding. The planned entity will also require other funding in addition to crowdfunding, but early-stage assistance from individuals is vital to ensure the continuation of karting activities. The crowdfunding campaign does not solicit donations, but in return you get a real motorsport experience behind the wheel of a karting car or in a simulator. You can also spend the race day in a karting car as instructed by Valtteri Bottas or get Valtteri Bottas’ pre-scenes and answers to your questions before the F1 races. Alternatively you can enjoy motorsport atmosphere at various events and exhibitions or be a major supporter in raising new motorsport stars.

Where will the revenue from the crowdfunding go?

The minimum target of € 25,000 is full – Karting activities will continue in the area

€ 50,000 milestone full – Karting vehicles and driving simulators will be available and start of construction planning work

€ 100,000 main target full – Karting Championships, European Championships and World Championships can be held

In addition to these new buildings and the Motorsport Hall of Fame will be built and necessary funding for them will be obtained through other means. Valltteri Bottas will be also one of the funders.

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